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Erick Adame

I was just 7 years old the first time I presented my forecast to a live audience. It was in front of a white board, the forecast was written in marker, and my audience consisted of my parents. Meteorology is a life long passion of mine and I love sharing my passion and knowledge with others. At my core, I'm a scientist that loves weather and data. 

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I was born in Los Angeles but spent the majority of my childhood in Upstate New York. I come from a Mexican family that moved to the United States in search of opportunity. Through hard work, dedication and great enthusiasm, I've done my best to take advantage of those opportunities. I went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and did so with recognition for my outstanding academic achievements. 


My career as a meteorologist now spans more than 15 years. Whether it's a snow storm, an ice storm, a tornado, or a hurricane, I've been there with just the right tone to tell a compelling story that keeps the viewer informed and engaged.


I've recently entered the world of data science and I'm excited to find new ways to bring all of my talents together. Gathering, organizing, visualizing, and presenting data is something I love to do. 

When I'm not working with weather and data, you'll find me in the New York City metro area at a broadway theater or just sitting on the couch with his partner and two spoiled, but beautiful cats.


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