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Could it be True?!

Two beautiful days in a row?! YEP!!! And the weekend looks good for most of us too. Check out your weekend forecast. 🤪

7/19/24, 11:55 AM

Well, Isn't this Nice?!

Finally, a notification about GOOD weather. Today, much of the country feels comfortable and with lots of sun. Enjoy 😊

7/18/24, 1:32 PM

Severe Thunderstorms Approaching NYC

Scattered severe storms are moving east and will impact the NYC metro, North Jersey, and Lower Hudson Valley between 4pm and 8pm.

7/17/24, 6:44 PM

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

A watch is in effect until 6pm for Western and Central NY until 6pm. Some storms could produce damaging winds over 60mph this afternoon.

7/16/24, 3:44 PM

More Severe Storms

Severe storms are possible today from Syracuse to Albany and from Philadelphia to New York City. Damaging winds, large hail, and isolated tornadoes are possible.

7/16/24, 1:06 PM

Excessive Heat

Philadelphia and Washington DC are under the excessive heat warnings today. Heat index values could peak between 105 and 100! NYC and Boston are under heat advisories where heat index values will range from 100 to 105. Stay cool and stay hydrated.

7/16/24, 12:42 PM

🥵 Heat Warnings

Over 159 million people are under heat warnings today from coast to coast. Stay cool, stay hydrated.

7/9/24, 12:16 PM

🔥 Extreme Heat in the West

According to, over 134 million Americans are under heat warnings and advisories this holiday weekend.

7/4/24, 5:46 PM

Western NY Severe Weather Threat

Later this afternoon a around of storms is likely in eastern Ohio, as well as, Western NY/Western PA. A few of these storms could become severe and produce damaging wind gusts and large hail. There is also a small chance for a tornado with a few storms. This severe weather threat will slide east for tomorrow and could impact Philadelphia and NYC.

6/29/24, 11:19 AM

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

The watch includes Northeast PA, the Hudson Valley, NYC, Long Island, and CT. Through midnight some storms could contain damaging wind gusts. A watch means conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms. If a storm develops and is moving in your direction, a warning will be issued.

6/26/24, 10:43 PM

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