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🚨 Central NY Snow Squalls

Snow squall warnings were issued in Central New York for bursts of very heavy snow and near zero visibility through 11:30am.

2/17/24, 3:58 PM

Another Live Update

Missed the first live stream? No worries, I'll be doing another live stream at 7:30pm Eastern Time. Catch the latest forecast!

2/12/24, 11:49 PM

Live Storm Coverage

Major changes to the forecast for tomorrow. I'll have be streaming live coverage on youtube at 1pm. Click here to access my youtube channel:

2/12/24, 5:23 PM

Winter Storm Coming

Parts of the northeast will see heavy snow on Tuesday leading to slippery travel conditions. Get the latest update here in the app.

2/12/24, 5:22 AM

It’s Fri-Yay! 🎉

Have a great weekend everyone. And guess what? A new Lunar Year is upon us. Happy New Year! Enjoy the year of the Dragon 🐉

2/9/24, 3:12 PM

🥳 New App Updates!

It's National Weather Persons Day and in celebration I'm introducing some improvements. Now enter your location by zip code!

2/5/24, 6:11 PM

The Groundhog's Prediction!

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow in a ceremony Friday morning. He's predicting an Early Spring 🌷☀️

2/2/24, 3:08 PM

Did You Know?

Hailstones have rings like tree rings that tell you about its lifecycle. Each ring is a trip through a thunderstorm via the updraft. Read more in the 'Did You Know' library.

1/23/24, 2:17 PM

☀️ Good Morning!

Happy Monday! For much of the country it will be a much warmer week. Open the app for your daily weather update.

1/22/24, 1:12 PM

❄️ Where's the Snow?

The northeast is expecting snow today. Dry air has delayed the onset and forecast amounts have been adjusted. Find a snow update under Special Coverage.

1/19/24, 1:08 PM

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